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The 2012 Network Upfronts and Fall’s New TV Shows

Last year, I posted about the Network Upfronts and the shows I was most looking forward to.  It was a hit (well, I thought it was a hit), so I thought I’d do it again this year.  The new fall schedules were released this week.  Here’s what I’ll be tuning into come September.

NBC (7 new shows; 6 in fall/1 midseason):

Of the seven new shows NBC talked up at their upfront presentation, I’m excited about exactly…none of them.  It’s no secret that they’ve got to change up their network if they want to see a change in flagging ratings, but I’m not sure what they’ve got in the pipeline is the way to do it.  The good news: renewals of Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, and Community.

As for new shows, here’s what I’ll probably take a peek at:

Revolution: the only real thing Revolution has going for it is producer J.J. Abrams.  The drama is described as taking place in the future, when the world no longer has electricity.  Expect government conspiracies, army shenanigans, and some twists and turns.  It feels too much like another show trying to fill the Lost gap.  Also, there’s almost no recognizable names attached to this show.  I’ll watch, but I feel like this could go the way of Terra Nova (of which I didn’t even get through the pilot).  Quickly.

Go On: Matthew Perry’s latest attempt at making a show work.  Go On is about a newscaster whose wife has died.  His bosses don’t think he’s ready to go back to work and suggest he joins a grief therapy group.  I like Matthew Perry, but I’m not super excited about the rest of this show.

That is literally it.  I don’t understand why Whitney is still on the air.  I don’t care about the new Dick Wolf-created Chicago Fire.  I don’t really care about any of NBC’s new shows.  Yawn.

ABC (10 new shows; 5 in fall/5 mid-season)

ABC seems to be the channel I’m most likely to watch.  I love me some Happy Endings, still like Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23, and have been enjoying the hell out of Scandal (it’s like Grey’s Anatomy back when it was compelling–so, first or second season).  Oddly enough, ABC’s new comedies are doing nothing for me.  There are a couple of dramas I’m looking forward to, though.  Kind of.

If we’re being totally honest, Last Resort is the only drama that I’m really excited about on ABC.  It’s got a couple of people I really like: Scott Speedman, Andre Braugher, and Autumn Reeser.  While there’s nothing particularly original about it (some people on a submarine defy orders and end up on an exotic island), it does look like it’s going to be fast-paced and compelling in its own right.

Also piquing my curiosity is Nashville, mostly because I love Connie Britton and have a weird fascination/revulsion thing going on with Hayden Panettiere.  This one is about an aging country star who goes on tour with an up-and-comer who has cross-over appeal (let the Taylor Swift comparisons begin!)  It actually looks like a hot mess, but I love Connie Britton so much!

The other drama I’m mildly interested in is 666 Park Avenue.  However, one can’t help but feel as though they’re trying to pack too much into it: supernatural occurrences, wealthy people, New York, etc.  Eh.  We’ll see.

FOX (5 new shows; 3 fall/2 mid-season)

FOX has been the number one in ratings for the under-50 crowd for a while now, and despite the fact that its flagship American Idol is a rapidly-sinking ship, they haven’t had to do much with their schedule for the fall.

Truth be told, there’s only one show on the network that I’m really looking forward to: The Mindy Project (which desperately needs a better name).  The show is like one long romantic comedy: Mindy Kaling plays a doctor looking for love and screwing it up.  The show also has Chris Messina…which means that I’m in FOR LIFE.

Despite this being the show I’m most looking forward to this fall, I’ll also check out the mid-season replacement The Goodwin Games, which stars Scott Foley and Becky Newton.  Sign me up, even if I think the show’s premise is a little weak: three kids must compete against each other for their dead father’s estate.  Whatever.  I love Foley too much to not watch.

CBS (6 new shows; 4 fall/2 mid-season)

There is literally nothing I watch on CBS (I broke up with 2 Broke Girls a while ago).  There is literally nothing scheduled for fall that I would watch.  End of story.

The CW (5 new shows; 3 fall/2 mid-season)

Probably the most interesting stuff about the CW’s upfronts was their passing on The Selection (basedon the YA novel of the same name) and the J.J. Abrams show Shelter.  I’m kind of bummed about both of those, because I’d totally have watched them.

They have three shows premiering in the fall, including a show called Emily Owens, M.D. which stars Meryl Streep’s daughter and will be paired with Hart of Dixie.  There’s also a reboot of Beauty and the Beast.

In January, we’ll get the much-hyped Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries, which I will probably watch because I’m a masochist.

This might be the first network upfronts in recent memory where I’m completely apathetic about much of what’s premiering.  With the exception of The LA Complex (which gets a second season in Canada–and I will find a way to watch), everything I’ve been watching has been renewed, and I’m more excited about that stuff than about the new (Mindy Kaling’s show notwithstanding).

How about you all?  Anything I missed?  Anything you’re excited for?  Unfortunately we’ve got several long, hot summer months before these shows premiere.


7 thoughts on “The 2012 Network Upfronts and Fall’s New TV Shows

  1. NBC… if it weren’t for Parks & Rec, I wouldn’t watch you at all. I am excited for Matthew Perry’s new show but that’s most because of Perry nostalgia. All his shows seem to fail sadly. I’d love if this would be the one that at least sticks around for a bit.

    I’m also excited for The Mindy Project but I hope it has more substance than the trailer lets on. I love Kaling and want to see her do great things and I’m glad she’s finally getting away from the Office.

    I didn’t know Scott Foley was in the Goodwin Games! That will be the only reason I give that show a shot. 😀 Noel! He’s my tv boyfriend for life.

    I wasn’t really excited about anything in the upcoming tv season. Even the shows I mentioned I’m mostly lukewarm on. I hope something catches my eye that I never expected.

    I strongly dislike Kristin Kreuk so there is probably little chance I’ll watch Beauty & the Beast (even though it’s one of my favorite fairy tales).

    1. Last night’s episodes of Community helped redeem the show, in my mind, but other than that, the only thing I watch is Parks and Rec. Perry does seem to have a hard time getting shows to stick–then again, Studio 60 was AWFUL and I never saw Mr. Sunshine.

      I think Kaling’s show will have substance, but that’s hard to sell to advertisers. I think going with the lighter fare makes sense for the upfronts. Have you read her book? I liked it, but I wanted it to be more than it was, if that makes sense. I think she’s awesome and am so excited that she’s getting away from The Office (though the best episodes were written by her) and getting to branch out.

      I’ll watch Beauty and the Beast for the unintentional hilarity.

  2. Okay I’m definitely excited for Nashville (country music + Connie Britton + Hayden Whatsherface = Jordyn Must Watch) and Go On (I don’t care what anyone says, that looks hilarious to me). Aaaaand… oh wait, that might be it.

    I was excited for The Mindy Project until I saw the trailer and realized that I’m so very uninterested in it.

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