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Lists & Procrastination: 5 Things I’m into for the Moment

Gentle Readers, welcome!  It’s time for another installment of Things I’m Currently Obsessed With.  Previous installments can be found hereherehere, hereherehere,  here,  herehere,  here, here, here, and here.

1. Game of Thrones on HBO

Sometimes I feel like I’m really late to the party, and Game of Thrones is definitely one of those cases.  Though I’ve had the first book for a really long time, I just started reading it–and I waited an entire year to start watching the really, really excellent HBO show.  I’m not a high fantasy fan, but this show is absolutely perfect for what I want right now, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, despite the violence.  It’s extremely well cast (what’s up, Peter Dinklage), has the most incredibly detailed costumes, and is absolutely compelling stuff.  I’m trying not to fly through it too fast because I’m scared I’ll run out of episodes, and then what will I do?!

2. Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Our Hearts are Wrong”

I first heard this song on the most recent season of Parenthood (are you watching that show?  Because you should be), and I’ve quickly become obsessed with her laid-back, almost apathetic sound.  She’s definitely my kind of artist, and so far I’ve been loving the entire album this song comes off of.  Check her out, for sure.

3. The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon

Okay, you guys.  I thought about not even including this on the list, because I feel so conflicted about the whole thing.  I’m already a little tired of seeing the Fifty Shades controversy circulating on the Internet, and I don’t want to focus on the section of the fandom community who are upset that fan fiction has been turned into a successful (this remains to be seen, I think) trilogy in its own right.

What I am interested in is the fact that this erotica has gone mainstream.  I have questions about why this is the erotic title that has crossed over.  What is it about this particular story that is resonating with readers?  Is it the fact that it’s grounded in something that a lot of people either love or hate?  Is it the fact that the BDSM material in the book is actually fairly vanilla and tame?  The book is really, really badly written and in desperate need of editing, so it can’t be the quality of the story or the prose.  What is it, exactly, that has the pop-culture sphere so fascinated?

Until I can get around to writing a review, check out Forever Young Adult’s take on the book (it’s totally worth it, you guys).

Also, there’s a great drinking game for the book (why didn’t I find this when I was reading it?) at Living by Fiction.

4. Saved by the Bell on Netflix

When I discovered that the entire series (with the exception of The College Years) was on Netflix, I was so excited that I may have squealed.  A little.  The fact that this is literally the most exciting thing in my life right now is not something I’m proud of, but it is what it is.  I love this show so hardcore, you guys.  It’s one of the worst things to ever grace the small screen, but it is so tied to my childhood and I absolutely derive so much pleasure from rewatching it.

5. Nicki Minaj – “Stupid Hoe”

I’m not going to lie: I’ve been a little disappointed by Minaj’s most recent album.  Although there are a couple of great tracks–“Come on a Cone” in particular–too much of the album succumbs to the same innocuous pop that she seems to be fighting against.  While “Stupid Hoe” isn’t even close to being my favorite song on the album, the video is worth watching for the trip-factor alone.  I just really like watching her face, you guys.

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