Lists & Procrastination: 5 Things I’m into for the Moment

Gentle Readers, welcome!  It’s time for another installment of Things I’m Currently Obsessed With.  Previous installments can be found hereherehere,hereherehere,  here,  herehere,  here, and here.  (Time for a separate page, I think.)

1. Pinterest

I don’t think I’ve written about Pinterest on here before, but I probably should have, as it’s blown up over the past couple of months.  It’s essentially an online pin board, and users can follow one another to see what other people are pinning.  I use it mostly for recipes, but I also pin fashion-y stuff (I am not a fashionable person, though) and crafts and the like.  It’s totally addictive and totally ridiculous.

(P.S.–If you’re on Pinterest, we should follow each other!)


2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I finished this book at the beginning of this week, but it’s still with me.  It’s not that I didn’t like it–I did–but the more I think and read about it, the more complicated my feelings about it become.  I find John Green and his fans a sort of fascinating thing, and I know that this will influence my review of the book.  Have you read it yet?  Thoughts?


3. Cloud Nothings — “Attack on Memory”

Dylan Baldi, the frontman for Cloud Nothings, burst onto the music scene with 2010’s “Turning On.”  He followed that up with “Cloud Nothings” (my personal favorite).  “Attack on Memory” represents a new page for Baldi and the band musically: the album’s sound is very different from previous albums, but is still inherently catchy.  It requires a couple of listens to really get into it, but it’s my favorite album so far this year.  I’ve included a link to “Fall In,” which is my favorite song on the album.

4. Sweet Valley High Recaps on my other blog

This seems really self-serving, and maybe it is, a little, but it’s also something that I’m totally obsessed with right now.  I started my SVH recap blog a long time ago and then got super busy.  It’s still my goal to finish recapping all of the original series, and I’m determined to do it.  Grad school, a busy job, and a semi-busy social life are not going to stop me!  I swear it!

Seriously, though, my recaps are kind of awesome.  I try to keep my book summaries relatively brief (while still providing the best details), and I include memorable quotes, fun trivia, and a quick critical analysis of why the book is so dumb (and why I can’t stop reading the stupid books).

5. New Girl on FOX

I’ve written about New Girl before–I included it in the TV shows I was most looking forward to this past fall.  As it turns out, New Girl is one of the only shows I make sure to watch every week.  It’s not perfect: I think that the male roommates are a little boring (with the exception of Schmidt), and I think Deschanel could turn down the whimsy a notch or two, but there are some truly great moments on the show, and the addition of Lizzie Caplan as Nick’s girlfriend was a great move (KEEP HER AROUND, GUYS).


4 thoughts on “Lists & Procrastination: 5 Things I’m into for the Moment

  1. SCHMIDT!!! Haha. I love New Girl. It’s awesome.

    I’ve watched all of Downton Abbey – at least, everything that’s aired so far in the US – over the past couple of weeks. I’m TOTALLY OBSESSED (which is probably easy to gleam from my twitter…)

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