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Top 5: Five Favorite Episodes of Veronica Mars

Confession: I haven’t been watching very many movies this month.  My life is pretty busy, and I don’t have the time commitment for a full-length movie.  At this point, I can basically commit to something that is between 20-40 minutes.  Thus, I’m watching a lot of TV on DVD.  As a result, I have no movies to review.  So why not do a top 5 list relating to TV?

My rules for this meme are simple: 1) the TV show has to have completed its run; and 2) I must provide a rationale for why each episode made the cut.  Veronica Mars is up first.

1. Leave it to Beaver (1.22)

Veronica: I was hoping it would be you.

The first season’s finale finds Veronica finally solving the mystery of Lilly’s murder.  Heightened drama means that Veronica finds herself in pretty serious danger, but her father Keith comes to her rescue just in time.  Veronica also kicks her mother out of the house after finding out that she checked out of rehab and is drinking again.

Perhaps one of the most suspenseful episodes of Veronica Mars ever, this one has it all:  adventure, danger, attempted murder, and family confrontations.  The mystery being solved provides some closure for viewers while opening up more questions still.  This episode is amazing, you guys.

2. Donut Run (2.11)

Logan: Old Italian ladies don’t grieve like this. Boy, he must’ve really loved Meg.

Veronica: Well, then there’s that other thing. You know, he can’t see his baby.

Logan: A baby? How’d that happen?

Duncan breaks up with Veronica and then skips town with his baby after Meg dies.  That sentence seems ridiculously dramatic, and I suppose it is, but this episode made it work.  One of the best episodes in terms of Veronica’s plotting, Donut Run said goodbye to Duncan and hello to one of Veronica and Keith’s very worst fights.  It also guest-starred Lucy Lawless as an FBI agent with one of the weirdest, worst accents I’ve ever heard.

Twisty and full of surprises, this episode stands out in my mind as one of the best because of its emotional resonance (and great use of music).  There’s no way that I watch this episode and don’t cry.  It’s that good.

3. Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough (2.13)

Veronica: Look who I found: Miss Trashy-Trash. We marked your words before, and I don’t know if you know this, but they formed this, like, totally false accusation. I know. Yikes. I figured you might welcome the opportunity to apologize.

The entire gang at Neptune High attends the annual winter carnival in hopes of making enough money to pay for the senior class trip.  When $12,000 goes missing, everyone’s a suspect, including Veronica, Jackie, and Weevil.  It’s up to Veronica to clear their names (or catch Weevil flat-out).

Without a doubt, this is my favorite stand-alone episode of the

series.  It has a decent mystery, to be sure, but it’s really the zingers and one-liners that get thrown around that make me love this episode so much.  Veronica hams it up big time in this episode, and it really works.  Love this episode.

4. Not Pictured (2.22)

Keith: For you, on this momentous occasion.

Veronica: A pony?!

Graduation day is finally here, and as Veronica gets ready to leave Neptune High forever, they also get closer to solving who was behind the bus crash.  Veronica makes the final, shocking discovery just as Keith manages to capture on-the-lamb Woody Goodman.  Not everyone survives graduation night, though, as there’s an explosion on a plane and a suicide off the roof of the Neptune Grand.

Arguably the other most suspenseful episode of Veronica Mars, the second season finale leaves viewers feeling emotionally wrought and worried about the future of the characters.  The person behind the bus crash came as a total surprise, and the episode’s cliff-hanger left fans wondering what was next.

5. The Bitch is Back (3.20)

Nish: Oh, my God. Politicians. Tycoons. Celebrities. This is gold. You’re gonna make some very powerful men very unhappy.

Veronica: Won’t be the first time.

The series’ very last episode ends with a cliff-hanger that many fans were upset by.  Keith compromises his chances at being elected Balboa County Sheriff after he destroys evidence that puts Veronica at the scene of a crime.  Meanwhile, Veronica manages to piss of Jake Kane even further by pulling a fast one on him.

How could I not include the last episode ever of one of my favorite TV shows?  The episode itself is a strong one–full of strong writing and acting and a compelling story line, but it’s more than that–whenever I watch this episode, I feel a sense of loss that the show is over and there are no more episodes to watch.  Basically, it means it’s time to start watching them again.  Vicious cycle.

What do you guys think?  What episodes did I miss? And if you haven’t watched the show before: what are you waiting for?


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