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Where Are They Now? Roswell Edition

NOTE: I updated this post in 2014.  That update can be found here.

Roswell was a teen soap about alien hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico that aired on the WB from 1999-2002.  I posted about the show and why it was awesome, and now I thought I’d follow that up with a post about where the cast is now, more than 10 years after it premiered.  Let’s get to it.

Shiri Appleby (Liz Parker)

Shiri Appleby was 21 when Roswell premiered.  The show certainly gained her more notoriety than she’d had before in her career, and during the course of Roswell, she made some movie called A Time for Dancing with Larissa Oleynik, as well as playing the girlfriend to Jesse Bradford in the teen-thriller Swimf@n (currently sitting on my DVD player at home).

After Roswell, she continued working pretty steadily with roles in a bunch of movies that I’ve never seen, including The Battle of Shaker Heights, Havoc, When Do We Eat?, and Charlie Wilson’s War (oooh.  I saw that one!)  She also had a multi-episode arc on E.R. Currently, Shiri is starring on the CW’s Life Unexpected, as Cate Cassidy, a woman who reunites with her daughter after giving her up for adoption 16 years ago.  Life Unexpected is a show that has gotten surprisingly good reviews despite its location on a network that is dying a slow death.

Even though Liz was a little too vanilla for me, Appleby played her well, and, well, I mean, look at her.  She’s so pretty.

FUN FACT: Appleby auditioned for all three female leads in Roswell several times before being cast as Liz.

Jason Behr (Max Evans)
One of the older cast members, Jason Behr was already 26 when Roswell premiered.  Behr wasn’t a stranger to the WB network at the time, having had guest-starring roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7th Heaven, and Dawson’s Creek.  (The WB was known for recycling talent.)

After Roswell, Jason found work in movies, with roles in The Grudge, Skinwalkers, and D-War.  He continues to work in both television and movies, with one of his more recent projects being a TV movie called Company Man opposite Castle‘s Stana Katic.

Although my 15-year-old self loved Max, I always found the other characters more compelling.  I will give a shout-out to Behr because he’s from Minneapolis, which is totally awesome. (The picture on the right is Behr with his wife, actress KaDee Strickland.)

FUN FACT: He speaks Japanese.

Katherine Heigl (Isabelle Evans)
Katherine Heigl was 21 when the show started, and she was without a doubt the person whose beauty was supposed to be part of her character.  Isabelle often worried her parents by dating men who were considerably older, but she was so beautiful and looked so much older than a seventeen-year-old that it’s no wonder the writers played it up.

Before Roswell premiered, Heigl did several movies, including one of my all-time biggest guilty pleasures, My Father the Hero, as well as Bride of Chucky and the weird and yet somehow still enjoyable Disney movie Wish Upon a Star.

After Roswell, Heigl is the actress who has gone on to the most success professionally, landing a lead role as Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy, starring in Judd Apatow’s love-it-or-hate it Knocked Up, and finding commercial, leading-lady success with 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth.  Although she’s come under criticism for sometimes being a bit on the outspoken side, Heigl has always portrayed herself as honest and real, and that’s worth something in a business that’s always about the spin.

Heigl’s current projects include the soon-t0-be-released Killers opposite Ashton Kutcher, and the movie Life as We Know It.

FUN FACT: She was engaged to co-star Jason Behr during while filming Roswell.

Majandra Delfino (Maria DeLuca)
Majandra Delfino was the youngest cast member, auditioning for the series when she was just 17.  Before Roswell, she landed a role in the movie Zeus and Roxanne, and was in several episodes of The Tony Danza Show.

During Roswell, she appeared in several movies, including Traffic and R.S.V.P. (as well as Shriek If You Know What You Did Last Friday the 13th, which I’ve seen).  In addition to singing on the show, she also released an album called “The Sicks.”

Post-Roswell, Majandra continued to work in TV and movies.  She starred in a TV-movie called Celeste in the City, released a second album in 2008 called “Tarte,” and was in several short-lived shows, including Quarterlife.  Her most current project is the movie Life as We Know It (also with Katherine Heigl).

FUN FACT: She was briefly married to Devon Gummersall, who played Brian Krakow on My So-Called Life.  Also, she’s my secret favorite.

Brendan Fehr (Michael Guerin)
Brendan Fehr was 22 when Roswell premiered.  Before the show, he guest-starred in an episode of Breaker High (YES!), had a small role in Disturbing Behavior, and guest-starred in a number of other TV shows.  A transplant from Canada, his big break definitely came in the form of Roswell.

During the course of the show, Fehr also made several movies, including Final Destination and The Forsaken.

His career after the show has included a bunch of movies and projects I’ve never heard of, as well as a stint as a series regular as Dan Cooper on CSI: Miami, several episodes of something called Samurai Girl, and a multi-episode arc as Booth’s brother on Bones.  His most current project is a movie called Fort McCoy.

FUN FACT: He’s from Canada.  That’s all I got.

Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti)
Nick Wechsler’s Kyle Valenti started as a character that served mostly as a foil to Max and his romantic aspirations with Liz, but he evolved into an essential part of the group whose humor and warmth were undeniable.  When the show premiered, Wechsler was 21.  Before joining the cast, he was a regular on Team Knight Rider and played a “mugger” in TV movie called Full Circle.

After Roswell, Wechsler continues to work in both TV and film, landing guest spots on a variety of TV shows, including Tru Calling, North Shore, Cold Case, Lie to Me, and Without a Trace.  He most recently appeared in an episode of Past Life.  Someone give this man a show already!

Fun Fact: He auditioned for at least 4 different roles on Roswell before snagging the part of Kyle.

So there you have it.  A few break-outs, and a few who continue to work but haven’t attained the level of success that Roswell afforded them ten years ago.

This was more fun than I thought it would be.


14 thoughts on “Where Are They Now? Roswell Edition

  1. Oh my God ! I really love all of them,it’s just a pity that i couldn’t follow them after Roswell ! But i’m starting doing it. I just watched Life unexpected and i really liked it,the end was just too rush. I’ll watch something about the other,too ! Thank you for telling all the titles of their movies and shows.

    1. I don’t know why I didn’t include them. That’s a legitimate question. I think Emilie De Ravin is on Once Upon a Time right now and Colin Hanks was recently on an episode of Happy Endings, playing himself.

  2. I wish they would make another series or a final movie of saving the world or something. It is so sad to leave it like they did.

  3. I just finished watching all three seasons last night it’s such a shame it went off and ended the way it did I was so upset. It would be really great if they could make one last season or episode to show how things ended up and where everyone landed. Too bad 😦 Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby were my two favorite. Good luck to you all

  4. I was OBSESSED to say the least. I am currently watching the seasons for about the 5th time this year. I was a teen when this aired and you could not pull me off the screen and STILL can’t. I watch it every year, several times. Always will be a hit, they don’t make them like this anymore. Max and Lizs live was EPIC!

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